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Education + Magic = A fun way to learn!

 We have MANY assembly style shows that are perfect for your school or event! From anti-bullying, reading, the environment and MORE!

Prices for these shows vary due to multiple factors. Please contact Norden for a quote

• Norden Presents an all-new school assembly program geared for all elementary grades, K-7.

 • Emphasis on Anti-Bullying Techniques

 • Advice on Avoiding Bullies

 • Information About Bullying

 • Lots of audience participation

 • Lots of comedy, music and surprises

 • Suitable for public, parochial or private school setting

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No Bully zone

At 45 minutes long, this show is perfect for every public library!


If you do a Summer Reading Club for the kids at your library, just think what a show like this could do to encourage them to read even more!


It is also suited for, schools, daycares, camps, churches and more!

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i Love to Read

garbage busters

Did you know:


• Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV set for 3 hours.

• glass can be recycled virtually forever. It never wears out.

• The amount of steel that's tossed every year is enough to build all the new cars.

• Paper made from recycled paper uses 70% less energy

• We use 4 million plastic bottles every hour, but only 25% of them are recycled.

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